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Harry Beckett Band featuring Chris Biscoe
From 1997 to 2000 Harry Beckett and Chris Biscoe were featured soloists in the Orchestre National de Jazz,  the first British musicians to be asked to join this band. Now they can be heard together in the context of this exciting new quintet.
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Ben Davis Band featuring Chris Biscoe
Ben Davis Group features the cello centrally and prominently. Many of the rhythmic patterns and musical structures are derived from the instrument, using double-stops, heavily bowed rhythm figures and the full tonal range of the instrument.
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Liam Noble Group
Formed in 1998, the band has toured twice for Jazz Services. Liam`s compositions, highly individual, quirky, sometimes humorous, sometimes intensely lyrical, exploit the band's tonal range fully.
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Full Monte
Melodic and highly focussed improvisation.
...ensemble passages whose raw power and intensity were utterly thrilling.
                                                Trevor Hodgett, The Irish News
To me it embodies the blues influence, the passion and the inspired interaction of the very best of jazz             Humphrey Lyttleton, BBC Radio 1

CHRIS BISCOE - alto and soprano sax; alto clarinet;
– drums; MARCIO MATTOS – double bass;
BRIAN GODDING  – guitar synthesizer
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Chris Biscoe/John Edwards/Tony Marsh
+ guests including
3 musicians equally at home in contemporary jazz and improvised music collaborate in an evening of contrasts including rarely heard standards, free improvisation, music by Mike Osborne and original material.
CHRIS BISCOE – alto, soprano and baritone sax, alto clarinet
JOHN EDWARDS – double bass; TONY MARSH – drums
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Peter Jacobsen
Chris Biscoe writes "We met in 1971, at which time he seemed rather a formidable figure, with his perfect pitch, astonishing memory, fierce independence and great musical maturity. There were occasional meetings over the next few years, including music by Chris Sansom which proved unplayable to everyone except Pete, who learnt the music from Chris' demo tape and reproduced it with astonishing consistency and assurance."
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Then and Now
Then and Now
Two Of A Mind

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Chris Biscoe Quartet - Live at Campus West
Live At Campus West
Chris Biscoe
Profiles Quartet

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Profiles of Mingus
Profiles of Mingus
Chris Biscoe

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Gone In The Air
Gone In The Air
Chris Biscoe Quartet

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