Five Animal Dances
Inner Space Music - Five Animal Dances
Inner Space Music

Five Animal Dances
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Spherical Records SPR001
Live Reviews: of the happiest evenings I've heard in jazz for many a long night. Like all the best innovators, they're hard to categorise... Music as rare as this defies description. Go along and see them, if they come down your way. Or get their forthcoming CD when it's out.
Karl Dallas, the Morning Star
Sophisticated and harmonically intriguing pieces… well worth waiting for.
John Fordham - The Guardian
Loz Speyer: trumpet, flugelhorn

Chris Biscoe: alto sax, alto clarinet

Julie Walkington : double bass

Seb Rochford : drums
1. The Missing Beat
2. New Thing
3. Bird
4. Tiger
5. Deer
6. Bear
7. Monkey
8. Usual Fusion
9. Beet Sloe Thyme
10. Quinta de los Molinos
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The obvious comparison is Ornette Coleman. That's the young Ornette, who burst onto the scene with such startling freshness in the late 1950s. It's there in the melodies - beauty is an essential component - and the bond between Chris Biscoe on alto and Loz Speyer on trumpet, so reminiscent of Coleman and Don Cherry's working relationship.

These players are musical twins, typically starting in tight unison, moving on to glancing counterpoint and taking off in freewheeling solos before a joyful reunion. But Inner Space Music functions as a collective unit, and Julie Walkington on bass and Seb Rochford on drums are just as vital. It's music of marvelous clarity, buoyed by loping, shifting rhythms. More lyrical than free, and human than abstract, this is serious fun of the first order. The imminent CD, Five Animal Dances, is a monument to a great band.
Mike Butler - Metro
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