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Then and Now
Then and Now
Two Of A Mind
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Chris Biscoe Quartet - Live at Campus West
Live At Campus West
Chris Biscoe
Profiles Quartet
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Profiles of Mingus
Profiles of Mingus
Chris Biscoe
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wobbly rail five

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Gone In The Air
Gone In The Air
Chris Biscoe Quartet
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Life on the Edge CD cover
Life on the Edge CD
Loz Speyer's Inner Space
Loz Speyer - trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Biscoe - alto sax, alto clarinet
Rachel Musson - tenor / soprano sax
Ollie Brice - bass
Gary Willcox - drums
1. Long Road
2. Rocket Science
3. Space Music
4. From A to B to Infinity
5. Fr-agile
6. Unfold Enfold
7. Thick and Thin
8. Deep Sea Spirit
9. Snakes and Ladders
10. Contretemps
11. Brewglass

Leo Records CD LR 782
All music by Loz Speyer
Produced by Loz Speyer and Leo Feigin

Recorded at Fishmarket Studio, Willesden, 17 Dec 2015 by Ben Lamdin
Mixed by Alex Bonney Feb 2016
Mastered by Peter Beckmann Sept 2016
Painting by Didi Baldwin
Artwork by Loz Speyer
Photos by Steven Cropper
Liner Notes by Steve Day

"Ever since the end of the '60s and the timeless recordings by the Art Ensemble of Chicago, I have been looking for a band with the same kind of aesthetics — deep emotions, subtlety, simplicity, weightless swing. It is the aesthetics of understatement which is louder than a thunder. At last this band is here — Loz Speyer's INNER SPACE, with Chris Biscoe and Rachel Musson playing saxophones, Olie Brice bass, Gary Willcox drums and Loz Speyer trumpet. "Life on the Edge", their debut CD for Leo Records, recorded on the back of extensive touring, really captures the live interactive quality of the music. With 11 pieces of average duration of about 6 minutes, it is a broadcaster’s paradise. A jewel in the catalogue of Leo Records."
Leo Feigin

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Loz Speyer's Inner Space
Loz Speyer
Loz Speyer's Inner Space
Loz Speyer
photo: Steve Cropper
photo: Steve Cropper
“Upon listening, I was hooked…. the contrapuntal moments when the horns venture just over the edge make me think that if ODJB had arrived 100 years later they may have sounded like this.”...

"Biscoe has long been an unsung journeyman of modern jazz, by which I'm talking Parker to Ornette and all stations in-between. He can handle the gig whatever it is and I apologise for 'journeyman'. Listening to Snakes and Ladders, Master Craftsman is a more appropriate description.
- Lance Liddle, bebopspokenhere UK (click and scroll down the page for full review)

**** "Superb outing that effectively highlights the leader's jarring and perceptively constructed compositions.”
- Glen Astarita, All About Jazz USA (click...)

**** “It’s the strut of Olie Brice’s burly pepper hot bass and Gary Willcox’s drums that kickstarts ‘Long Road’; but the integrity they bring to the emerging free jazz push-pull structure of ’Space Music’ pilots the musicians further towards destinations unknown.”
- Philip Clark, Jazzwise, UK

"A joyous atmosphere reigns throughout the album, bop rhythms coupled with the pure interaction of the quintet… there are solar moments during which the quintet communicates to the audience its own enjoyment in playing these compositions."
- Vittorio, Musiczoom, Italy

"...A constant flow of ideas, the horns sometimes jostling busily for attention, sometimes conversing, sometimes singing sweetly together... While you listen, thoughts of influences fall away and you can just enjoy this newly created music for itself. That is the sound of success."
- Jon Turney, London Jazz News UK (click...)

"Loz has really got his musical concept and the group together - terrific.”
- Mike Westbrook, UK

“It starts with Blue Note- and Ogun-spirit, with Spirits Rejoice-mood and Mingus-power... Rocket Science is unfailingly retro-futuristic, tardis-blue, open for everything that was considered amazing in the 60s...”
- Bad Alchemy magazine, Germany

Chris Biscoe
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